Graduates working harder


Graduates are working longer hours as they strive to get ahead in a tough labour market, reports
Recent research found that one in seven graduates is working more than 50 hours a week and this rises to 18% for those in London.
Almost half (45%) of graduates feel under pressure to work more than their contracted hours - either to keep on top of their work (87%), to prove themselves as a committed employee (67%) or because it's the norm in their organisation (57%). The top three most pressurised working environments are legal services (71%), accountancy (64%) and PR/marketing/advertising (53%).
The survey also reports a drop in graduate confidence in their job security with 60% feeling secure in their job in 2012, compared with 79% in 2011.
The study also examines attitudes to pay and benefits. Only half (53%) of graduates are satisfied with what they earn, with 77% receiving less than £30,000 (majority earns £20,000-£25,000). Almost a third (30%) feels that their pay and benefits package compares less favourably to their contemporaries in similar roles.
Salaries vary greatly between job roles and sector, but according to the data, graduate solicitors are the biggest earners, receiving £35,000-40,000, followed by scientists, engineers and software engineers - the majority of which earn £25,000-£30,000.
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